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Look Out in Software Testing in India

Technology has a vast potential that has been realized only until recently. The 21st Century has witnessed a wide range and expanse of technological advancements that have revolutionized the way we perceive human existence altogether. From smartphones to space crafts, every device that has in some way or the other improved our lives is constantly evolving, thanks to the limitless possibilities that technology has opened for us.

“Software that runs these devices is constantly being improved as well to suit the needs of current times. Software testing in itself is one of the most important components of any technological development that we are witnessing regularly.”

Software testing itself is a vast operation that is undergoing significant transformation. Let’s find out the latest trends to look out for in software testing in 2021.

  • 1. Automated Testing For Faster Delivery:

    Software testing services in India are focusing on automated testing for faster delivery of the final product. Automated testing is not only reducing the error quotient in the testing process. Still, it is also improving the delivery schedule for companies with a lot of workloads in a limited manpower environment. Also, automated testing is essential for DevOps, which is another important trend to follow.

  • 2. Adoption of Agile and DevOps:
    Agile is focused on dynamism, while DevOps is focused on speed. Both these technologies combined significantly reduce the testing time and can easily accommodate a variety of testing parameters for different types of software. It is also helping in software testing training in India to develop skilled personnel. It is basically bringing together the development team and the operations team to test the final application and find and fix errors then and there.
  • 3. IoT Testing For Security Vulnerabilities:
    IoT testing is gaining significance because the amount of connected devices globally is increasing exponentially. It is expected by 2022; it will connect more than 25 billion devices globally through the internet. In such a scenario, IoT testing is important for testing security vulnerabilities in the operating systems of these devices to create a more secure protocol.
  • 4. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence:
    Artificial intelligence is not only reducing the possibility of human error but is helping create a robust system that is measurable and expandable as per the growing need for testing. With limited skilled professionals and increasing costs, software testing companies in India are trying to incorporate AI and ML to automate the whole process. It also means that more is done in less time.
  • 5. Scriptless Testing:
    Scriptless testing is a part of automation wherein the testers don’t have to worry about the code to run the tests. This drastically reduces the dependency on human intervention to create a test environment manually. It is fast gaining popularity, as it is both scalable and widely accommodating of different technological revolutions that need to be tested before the launch of the actual product.


Software testing company in Bhubaneswar and companies in other big metropolitan in India are following the latest trends to cater to the continuous increase in demand for software testing requirements. While the companies are training professionals on live applications, they are also focusing on developing robust systems and covering as much variability as possible.
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