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General Clinic

This is an application for an Online Doctor Appointment Booking System. Patients can book appointments with doctors based on the department they need. The system allows users to select a date and time for their booking.

To book an appointment, a patient needs to provide their details, such as name, contact number, and age, along with OTP verification. Upon successful verification, the patient will receive a confirmation via email or SMS. Once the booking is confirmed, the patient can visit the doctor at the scheduled time.

For returning patients, the application can automatically retrieve and display their previous information, streamlining the booking process.

In addition, the application includes a Control Panel accessible to administrators using secure credentials. Through this Control Panel, admins can manage various aspects of the system, such as:

  • View and Manage doctor schedules and availability
  • Approve or reject appointment requests
  • Send notifications to patients and doctors
  • Manage patient records and appointment histories
  • Generate reports and analytics on appointment bookings and system usage

Dashboard: The Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the system's activities and key metrics. It includes: Total Number of Appointments, Repeat Patients, Patient Statuses, Fee Collection, and Today’s Patient List.

This information helps administrators to quickly assess the system's performance and manage daily operations effectively.

Book Appointment Page: All appointment bookings are viewed on this page. Appointments are divided into two types Like Offline and Online Bookings. The list includes today’s bookings with physically confirmed or cancelled patients. Admin can cancel a patient if confirmed patient is not available at the scheduled time. Once patient’s doctor consultaion is over the prescription can be uploaded here future references.

Procedure and Lab Test: Admin can setup the fees and details of lab tests and other procedures in this module.

View Patient: In this page patient detail such as previous visits, consultations, prescriptions can be viewed.

Billing - Consultation Fee: This module manages all the payments received for doctor consultation. This includes printing of receipts, managing discounts etc.

Billing - Procedure Fee: This module manages the payment process for procedures and lab tests.

Doctor Setup: Admin can add and edit doctors, manage their time slots and also can manage if any doctors are on leave on particular slot.

Reports: Multiple MIS reports are available and also new reports can be developed based on the requirements.

This application is fully customizable and can be used by clinics of any size. And we have readymade modules which can be used by Eye Clinics for their day to operations.