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How A Website Design Company in India Creates a Website?

Step-by-step process of creating a website

Creating a web design is not an easy feat. The best web design company in India follows a step-by-step process to make your website successful. A creative web design agency can make your website responsive, user friendly, and customized to your business goals that meet your audience requirements. Every website has its unique feature in business nature and customizing the website with that feature will bring more prospects to the website.

How do they do it?

  1. They understand the client’s requirements


Before creating a website, the custom website design company in India fires some questions to prod details about the client’s business and how they differ from their competitors. They interview the CEO or top management to get the latest and past scoop of information about the company. The interview lasts several hours or can be split into sessions. After getting more insights about the business, the web designing agency will initiate the web designing work based on the requirements, and customize it with stunning features.

  1. Questions that they ask

The web design agency in India will ask clients about their employees, revenues, profit margins, turnover, and the services offered. They will scratch the details about the products and services, business goals, marketing plan and how the website will fit into the plan, and will also dig into details like

– Why have you not made the website up till now?

– What are your current customers?

– What kind of customers do you want to tap?

– Who are your competitors?

– Any other internal or external developments that you should put on the website?

– What are your business goals?

– What are your expectations from the website? What menus do you wish to add, and any design elements that will make you or your clients happy?

The creative web design company in India will tape the interview or list the main points and, based on that, create a website. Understanding the website business purpose and applying it with unique features will sure help the website to reach audience.

  1. Identifying the visitors

In the next step, the website design agency will meet the clients to ask them about their potential customers. Mostly it involves meeting with a marketing manager or sales staff. It can differ as per the industry. Through this meeting, they will extract information about potential website visitors. They will further split up the visitors based on gender, demographics, income, geographic location, age, living standards, industry, etc.

So, once they have a list of visitors, they will further chop it down depending on who is worth your time. They will create a separate list and put them in front of the company.

  1. Create a keyword list

So, lives everything done? No, the next step is to create a keyword list. The professional web design company will combine all the information and start generating a possible keyword combination list. They will break down the phrases per the client’s vision and add a preposition to the keywords to make more sense. They will forward the list to the client, and he will siphon through the entire list of keywords and highlight the keywords he wants to get associated with. The web design company can generate a list of keywords using SEO formulas and keyword generation tools by Google.

  1. Writing style

In the next step, the company decides on the menu page and its writing style. These companies will ask the clients whether they want to sound formal or if it is ok to keep it in an informal style. Your client can choose different writing styles depending on his company’s vision, customers and goals. You can ask several questions to gauge the writing style. For example,

  • How do they refer the customer?
  • Which topics are taboo for them and should not be added?
  • Any words that offend their company’s vision
  • Ask about the compelling key phrases that resonate with the client’s mindset.
  • Then finally, think about creating the tabs.
  1. Create the website

Finally, once all the information is on the table, you can make menu pointers or the services page. You can also use keyword combinations for creating the pages. The reputed website design company in India will combine the visitor’s needs with the SEO needs of the company.

  1. Other things that a website company consider for

Apart from the guidelines mentioned above, a creative web design company in India keep the following pointers in mind.

  • They make a simple, clean website that is easy to navigate.
  • They create a website that guides the visitor and not confuse them.
  • They also check if the website resonates with the visitor’s wants.
  • See if the top keywords have their place on the website page
  • Are the keywords spread across the page?
  • Does the website showcase the information of the business properly?
  • Apart from that, reputed web design companies also emphasize on colour of the website menu. The colours of the menu should be perfect and easy on the eyes. It should make your visitor comfortable and not confused.

Once all these things are decided, the professional web design agency in India will conduct a UX test. The test will be an eye-opener, and they use it as information to construct a website. They will conduct a few more tests based on the user experience before the website goes live and then customize and fix the issues.

Final thoughts

A reputed web design agency in India creates a website with great thought and builds it considering the client’s business goals. They also consider the clients’ emotions before designing a website. Their website design aligns with the business motives and translates the client’s vision into a design they seek for. At Orimark Technologies, we have highly experienced web designers who can design and develop your website that align to your business goals and bring more audience attentions and conversions.

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