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Kool FeedBack

Kool FeedBack is a unique customer centricity & engagement product , which enables all types of customers, service providers to receive structured feedback on a real time basis and enables organisations with Reports, Dashboards, Analytics for continuous improvement and customer engagement. Product is highly customisable for client requirements.

Kool feedback is useful for many clients for their External and Internal feedback requirements.

Product not only caters to Internal and External facing feedback management but also helps in engaging with customer in a real time basis through Mailers, Rewards,Coupons, Promotions, Discounts , Referrals, News letters etc. It has integration with SMS, MAIL, Social Media also has Android app version, Tab Version and Web version

Internal facing

Caters to all types of feedback requirement internal to organisation : Example - Employee satisfaction feedback, Leadership feedback, Training Feedback and can engage with employees through mail, sms, alerts etc.

External facing

Cater to different types of Customer, Consumer feedback, Deaerl feedback /opinion, Grievance management on services and products.

Feedback from customers on Existing and New products/ services

Reaching out to target customers through Advertisements, Rewards, Campaigns, Newsletter, Coupons, Gift Vouchers, Offers, New product/ service

Social media, Digital marketing, availability in web and getting customer attention through search and search engine optimization, getting customer enquiries directly

Real-time insight into strengths, weaknesses, opportunity for improvement and competitor’s position

Know your customer – Promoter, Detractors, Satisfied and dissatisfied and reaching out to them directly through the product

Product has 400 different built in forms catering to different type of service / product organisations for their internal as well as external requirements.

To know more please visit : koolfeedback.com/beta