Factory Production Management-KRAB is a software product which can automate Employee Management, Salary Managementbased on employee type and attendance, Workstation Management etc. to ensure most efficient utilisation of available resources.

The various modules includes are:

  • Employee Management
    Permanent - paid on a monthly basis.
    Contractual- paid on time basis-per day.
    Piecemeal- paid on job/work basis.
    Employee Details: Registration detail, promotion history.
    Workstation mapping with employees.
  • Salary Management
    Salary calculation based on employee type and attendance
  • Workstation Management
    A factory has multiple units. Each unit has various workstations for different work like Printing, Vanish, Polishing, Packing, Dispatch etc
  • Daily work assignment to Employees
  • Daily production Output Entry
  • Reports
    Workstation utilization analytics (based on employee performance)
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