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Digital Marketing

SEO services are fundamental for the internet visibility of a client. It conventionally aims at page rank and raises the position of a website in the SERP (Search Engine’s Results Page) of search engines against keyword searches relevant to the products & offerings of a client. Orimark Technologies excels in such customary SEO services; however in a more specialized manner in agreement with current and up-to-the-minute algorithm changes of search engines. Thus we choose to refer to it as SEO plus services.

SEO Plus Services

  • On site SEO services including optimization of webpages, codes, scripts, graphics, & hundreds of other factors to make a website easily navigable to both search engines and human visitors
  • Ensuring compliance with different search engine rules
  • Ensuring indexing of site in required formats
  • Submitting site to different relevant listings & directories
  • Ensuring cross-browser compatibility down to the latest browsers
  • Validating html, css, xhtml, & schema markup
  • Creating relevant content & making directory and media submissions for link building
  • External back-link building for traffic & page-rank
  • Incorporating web analytics
  • Website account creation on relevant social media sites & networks

USP of Orimark SEO Services

We create strategised packages in accordance with the unique brand identity of a client. This results in long term positive effects on brand perception in the targeted market segment through On-site SEO services & Off-site SEO services.

SEO services by Orimark Technologies ensures

  • Cost-savings along with targeted market reach
  • Boost in relevant traffic stream with higher conversion ratio
  • Increase in quantity & quality of leads
  • Improved long-term revenue flow & ROI
  • Brand reputation security, due to integration of strategies with marketing requirements